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Burnt Out Babes

Tierney O'Day, M.S.W. & Katie Plunkett, M.Ed.

Just a couple of burnt out babes doing what we do best - venting with venti cups of coffee in hand. So go ahead...get comfortable, pour yourself a cup of joe, and join us as we discuss job stress, career transitions, wellness strategies, social justice, reality tv, dating in LA, conspiracy theories, and everything in between.

With every episode, our goal is to provide motivation, validation, community, catharsis, and a whole lot of laughs for burnt out babes everywhere. Every conversation and interview is real, raw, and totally unscripted. We are open, honest, imperfect, and completely committed to learning and growing alongside you.

This podcast is hosted by Tierney O’Day M.S.W. (@tierney_marie) & Katie Plunkett M.Ed. (@thecalmclassroom). ⁣⁣For more good stuff, follow us on Instagram @burntout_babes.